Cannalope Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The buds are moist and dense. The high is amazing, not saying it just to say it. I got an awesome head buzz that made me happy and forget the stress, I was in a dream 10 minutes through vaping it. Relax yo mind, relax your soul. The high lasts longer than other strains and a mellow comedown.”

  • “Such an active, positive happy high. I love this for my morning workout. This is an energetic, happy, depression killing, getshitdone, all around perfect sativa. I've seen it as cannalope kush, cannaloupe kush, and cantaloupe kush.”

  • “Above average but not the best. Good quality head high. Heavy headed, good concentration and dry mouth. Very light smell, slight bit of melon but not much to it. I prefer more of a punch when it comes to smell. The buds are great looking, dark and light colors with orange hairs, dense. The taste is sweet, little burn. Not enough character for this to stand out. Great high though.”

  • “Strong fruity transport yourself to an island and alleviate all pain. It really does smell fruity. The buds are nice and strong, breaks up really easily, very good for headaches. Illinois batch yields 24.67% THC”

  • “Terrific all-around strain. I've done some serious spontaneous detail cleaning under Cannalope Kush influence, or just general household tasks that are less excruciatingly boring with this strain and some music. It's versatile enough that I can go into a session planning to "get some shit done" and act on it, but if I want to chill, it also makes my favorite scifi/fantasy shows even more compelling - without couchl...”

  • “Provides a very cerebral yet physically relaxing high. It has a very sharp OG taste.”

  • “Quick head rush, but not too overbearing. Calms my anxiety, uplifting mellow. Makes you feel creative, and sexy. But on the other hand, have paranoia and a little moody. Lasts about 1 1/2 hours then begins a mellow calm down. Overall, It's a decent strain.”

  • “I have anxiety. Not depression. Even balanced hybrids can give me anxiety or paranoia. Which is why famous strains got only a 4 from me. This strain is different. This is a happy strain, chemically changing my mood. Calming, relaxing, and great for getting shit done. Anytime strain, ive worked out on it and ive napped on it. Love the smell, sweet smoke, not harsh. For me very similar effects as pineapple express ...”