Carl Sagan Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Carl Sagan is the a great strain the will keep you upbeat. this is my go to morning strain. Best signature strain. The only place to get the real carl is from top shelf on lake city. Anyone else saying they have it knows someone or is a liar.”

  • “This is great for a get up and go or to help focus on creativity.”

  • “Carl Sagan is BY FAR my favorite strain! Smoke a little in the morning and before you know it your house is cleaned, chores are done, and you're feeling great! best sativa strain in my eyes. never lets me down -_-”

  • “Visual : Excellent presentation; dense, crystal laden hairy flowers Smell : Sweetly pungent, earthy and fruity Flavor : Disarmingly strong lemon taste on the front mellowing out to smoky, piney and woodsy on the back. Effect : A wonderfully pleasing and mellow yet active cerebral come on, not overwhelming though certainly has couch lock potential. Good for day time or all around anxiety and mood management.”

  • “This Chronic made me clean my man cave!”

  • “Not very impressed by this one. Sativa dominant hybrid with a VERY short duration. Focused on the head, but with a residual body affect that will leave you in a weird place after the high is over (as in not really wanting more of it, but left unfulfilled and thus needing to hit it again. Every single other aspect of this one from taste to affect are average and unremarkable. The pricepoint was fair but not worth...”

  • “This Chronic made me clean my man cave!”

  • “1st time using Doc Croc's wax. 73.7% and clean as clean can be. Delightful!”