Cherry Bomb Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Cherry Bomb is definitely one of the most powerful highs I've ever had. I can only compare the high to the idea of your head bouncing off the walls like a ping pong ball. Some strains make you relaxed, euphoric, and sedated. Whereas this strain sort of throws your brain to Pluto. These are all good things. I would save Cherry Bomb for a special occasion when you want to get wasted. It's a fairly new strain here in L...”

  • “Creative, focused, energetic high. I found myself banging out music and slinging witticisms at everyone - made me feel like I wanted to have fun, if that makes sense. Highly recommended for creative types that do not want a body high (I felt none whatsoever) or anyone that wants a focused, energetic boost for daytime use.”

  • “One best tasting strains bomb seeds cherry bomb really has cherry flavor great up lifting high it a new favorite”

  • “Without doubt one of the best strains i've smoked to date. I'm a long-time sufferer from depression and stress and this strain has helped me control those issues. The smoke is also a highlight, I tend to vape and the sweet cherry/berry flavour that comes through is exceptional!”

  • “Where to begin? The smile that comes out of nowhere and makes your face hurt. The energy to get things done and the clarity to not screw then up. This strain was perfect for my depression and anxiety and is my favorite after trying at least a hundred strains. I love you Cherry Bomb!”

  • “It's sweet even if lacking in flavor and it packs a punch for sure. I wouldn't say this is a good strain for anyone looking to get creative and high at the same time as all I wanted to do when I smoked it was take it easy. It will get you high if that's your main goal but I'd look elsewhere if you need something more complex.”

  • “Cherry Phoneme of AK-47. Not super potent, but GOOD LORD: that smell and taste are MIGHTY fine. Think Cherry Limeade marijuana. Yeah... It's some of the tastiest herb and makes food taste all the more tastier. This is both a good and bad thing for me, b/c I love the AK strain, but I also have to tack on an extra $20 in groceries that I spend while she's in the house.”

  • “Great strain, not one of my favourites but still does the job with a nice sweet taste to it. A very slow high in my eyes, it creeps up on you and lasts about an hour, two at a push but during this time I was focused and extremely creative with high vibes.”