Cherry Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Was VERY interested in trying this strain, because I kind of have a thing for cherries. I will (shamelessly I might add) get baked and munch on nothing but straight up maraschino cherries. Yeah. I'm that guy. So this strain has an AMAZING smell. Unmistakably cherry, with some earthy/woody undertone. It was the first bud to impress me that much on smell alone in quite a while. Very unique. As far as taste goes, I r...”

  • “This one wasn't too much of a standout for me. Basically made me happy and awake, a little forehead pressure sensation.”

  • “Great flavor and fantastic GSC high. A favorite and easy to grow. Cant go wrong with a GSC #420Sweepstakes”

  • “Incredible strain. Instantly uplifting on the exhale. Smooth and tasty. Best version of Girl Scout Cookies I've tried.”

  • “I was excited about this particular strain because of the two power house strains it comes from, Cherry Pie & Girl Scout Cookies. It felt great. From the 1st hit I felt it immediately. Very potent and it definitely put me in a euphoric state. Super happy with it and I would recommend it to anyone!”

  • “Buds are very attractive in color and smells earthy with a nice sweet flavor. Amazing experience! This hybrid starts off pretty mellow and uplifting but as the high gets stronger it randomly fluctuated between the body to head high ratios and it was always unpredictable and if you can focus enough you will get really excited to see what it will throw at you next. Also a very long lasting high that gives off great eu...”

  • “The Cherry Cookies Shatter concentrate by FireLine is packed with a cherry flavor and aroma, and when exhaled from your nose it leaves a wonderful cherry "after-smell" that is quite sweet and fruity. The high increased my mood and gave me nice body buzz while avoiding a foggy mind. After just a few dabs of this, I would go ahead and put this in my top 10 strains.”

  • “This is a down right awesome strain. Thanks to the budtender at the reef that gave me a little info on it made the flavors pop hard on the inhale rightous cherry flavor as well as the exhale nice earthy flavor fallowed by the cherry endeing the rip.”