Cherry Diesel Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I first had this strain back when I was an amateur smoker. A friend had bought some and we smoked it out of a pipe,I remember it tasting so delicious, and sweet. The bud was super sticky as well. It got me so high that I accidentally pushed the panic button on my car keys and couldnt figure out how to turn it off again for like 5 minutes...and this was at like 2am. HA. Like I said, I was an amateur. Would love to fi...”

  • “Lemme tell you Somthin'! I HAD a #1 favorite called Molokai Frost but Cherry Diesel I have to say has surpassed my expectations by a long shot! Oh, sweet "Cherry Diesel" how I love thee. This is my all time new favorite strain and this is why. This is MPE -(My Personal Experience) Taste- Earthy, Sweet Cherries Smell- Strong Sweet Cherry, Sweet/Sour Lemon Heads with an earthy tint, Berries Smoke- Smoooooooooth as...”

  • “I'm not often a sativa smoker as I am usually anxious in my daily life, and strong energetic sativas can make that feeling worse for me. The Cherry Diesel I picked up was a sativa dominant hybrid with dense buds, and delicious aromas of cherry and lime. I describe it to my friends as a dank cherry lime aide. The beginning of the high can tweak me out a bit if I over indulge, which I usually do, and makes me feel gig...”

  • “cherry diesel is great. if you are beginner smoker, proceed with caution. experienced smokers will love the heavy high this one produces. very flavorful and sticky buds. I give it a 9 only because perfection is opinion based😉”

  • “first grow ever got 6.5 lbs off 15 plants in a light dep. this strain is a good relaxing high. when maid into oil gives you energy and good pain relief. recommended to anyone looking for a nice day time smoke”

  • “Nice dark cherry tasting bud with a slight hit of disel mixed together. Hence cherry diesel. Great smell literally like cherries and sour. High lasts about a hour 1/2. I have a very high tolerance but still left me on the couch for a bit”

  • “Awesome stuff! Lovin the high you get! Makes you very euphoric and happy! Really great when chilling with some friends or even just yourself. Love it!”

  • “I grew and smoked this strain. The buds got so dense i had to tie the branches up for suppor.they where very dense and stick buds and the smell was very cherry and floral. The high was very relaxing but yet not couch lock. Loved it and crossed it with an Island Sweet Skunk. I would have bred it pure but I only had 1 female. So well see what comes from the seed this year and ill keep ya posted.”