Cherry OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great Indica-dominant hybrid.....they call it"cherry stomper" here..frosty buds that were the best smelling flower I ever smelled.....and a real smooth coughing....real good body buzz with a alert head buzz also....cured my pains for shelf...try this if it's in town”

  • “This strain has a decent heavy high. It gives you those all over body tingles that are off ten good for pain, however I found it can make you rather anxious or paranoid if you haven't smoked in a while. This isn't for people new to weed, but if your smoking regularly and have a high tolerance, it gives you that great zone-out feeling ❤”

  • “I had some of this earlier today, and it makes me so anxious that I can't stand up and do anything within the first 40 minutes of smoking it or else I get so anxious and nauseous I hyperventilate. I better learn how to handle this one real quick tho, bc I bought a lot hahaha”

  • “Shared bubbler bowl with wife: Light berry taste.. Probably perception Couch lock,phone lock Thirsty, not hungry(yet) Hard to keep train of thought Awesome 4/5”

  • “Excellent strain, has a nice cherry taste when you hit it and the high lasts for hours. If you're like me you enjoy the combination of the head and body high and this one delivers in that category. Excellent one to pick up and try”

  • “Cherry OG by Herbin Harvest; This was my first bud in Washington, and it's great for beginners. Happy and relaxed, good for chats and making friends =) Smoked this and talked union politics for hours, but somehow kept it interesting. 4/5 Teamsters.”

  • “Cherry OG's feel-good balance amazes me. I find it to yield about a 60/40 head/body high. Dosing method is 0.5g AVITAS vape cartridge on med-high (yellow) setting on a LINX battery. She's strong enough to get me flying in two 6-8 second pulls. As other reviewers mentioned, the high lasts for several hours. Great mood lifter and worry chaser. Corporeal pain is reduced 50%, but feels like more thanks to happy, engaging...”

  • “pros: tastes good, felt super inclined to study biochem cons: sensitive to bright lights, hella munchies, weird combo of feeling energized and having slow reaction time”