Cherry Pie Reviews

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  • “I am not easily impressed. Cherry pie however did something not even my beloved Blue Dream does. It made me smile. We aretalking Cheshire style! My anxiety literally melted away in a sea of tongue caressing sweet vapor. Thank you OG Kush genetics! Lovely to have you here. While sitting amazed at how this wonder of natural medicine had effected me so quickly with its gentile calming effects, I started to feel the p...”

  • “First off I am not a smoker at all. I haven't ever smoked in my 35 yrs of life; however, my panic/anxiety got the better of me when I unfortunately had no medication and I couldn't get a refill. I was blessed with 1 drag of this particular strain and I have to say it changed my life. I now have my card and only smoke when I need it, maybe a couple times a month. This strain does not make me feel high, paranoid, o...”

  • “Granddaddy purp and Durban poison two of my favorites make up this totally killer strain. I got this one as a shake bag (a very killer bag from my dispensary, by the way) and it knocked me on my butt! I'm a veteran smoker and it takes a quality flower to impress me, this Cherry Pie wins first prize. No lie, Very pleasant smelling and tasting as well. Heavy cerebral stone, but good energy. Another tastee go to strain,...”

  • “Cherry pie smells delicious, and the taste on the exhale has a fantastic kick of cherry pie taste. I have pretty bad cramps/pms and this strain immediately alleviated my pain. Add a side of giggles and happiness also.”

  • “I came across some Cherry Pie OG that tested at 33% THC!! Intense!!! Strong hitting, long lasting head high.”

  • “Just got done finishing a full bowl(about 8-10 full hits, bowl holds about half a gram or just a little over) after having a late night and smoking 2-3 grams, last smoking it at midnight. Had a refresh(went to bed at 1:00AM, woke up at 10:00AM) and didn't think this was going to really do anything. WOW WAS I WRONG. I suffer from a hiatal hernia in my esophagus that causes heartburn, loss of appetite, and nausea. I wa...”

  • “Cherry pie has a humble yet beautiful look. The lightish green bud is speckled with orange hairs. This strain rides down easy, being a softer inhale. The high definitely takes a few minutes to fully hit the smoker. While it does have a pretty strong head affect, it still relaxes the body just slightly enough to allow the smoker to remain productive if so desired. The flavor of this strain was that of a very faint bla...”

  • “One of my new faves, top 3! Beautiful plant, smells so bomb! Shows off her GDP parent purple. Great flavor and perfect mellow high. Thanks Ken!”