Chiquita Banana

Chiquita Banana

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Chiquita Banana by Utoptia Farms takes the Banana OG cut to the next level, with an average THC percentage pushing 33%. A cross between parent strains OG Kush and Banana, Chiquita Banana leads with a potent heady sizzle (likely brought on by the enormous quantity of THC) which then melds into a Kush-esque body buzz that is relaxing but not sedative. These Kush effects continue to gain potency over time, “creeping” over the body. This powerful hybrid is an outstanding option for patients struggling to hurdle their tolerance barrier, and its effects are also well-suited for those suffering from chronic pain or nausea.

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Strain Attributes

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

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Parents of Chiquita Banana


  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Tropical
  • 3. Orange

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“The strongest cannabis I ever smoked! Investigated deep inner space starting about 10 minutes after 3 or 4 hits. Rendered incommunicado. The tongue was lost; the mind accelerating at warp speed. Glued to one spot listening to to some reggae band but my feet wouldn't stop moving. We are talking FUN!!”

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“After 35 years of smoking, I have found my strain! I describe this high to my friends as what my post orgasm bliss feels like. Yup, I went there, but it's true. The strain I tried was "Utopia Chiquita Banana" from Organicann in Santa Rosa. Just one bowl lasts a good hour with an easy chill that doesn't couch lock you but rather makes you remember what it was like to be really happy. Always prone to have great creativ...”


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