Citrix Reviews

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  • “My first hit via bubbler was truly unique. the flavor of grapefruit was overpoweringly delicious, followed by the robust undertone from the resinous LA confidential. the high was pleasant. helped both my many physical/ mental ailments. the terpene profiling was one that gave a very positive, engaging, focused feeling. making me ready for anything the day had to offer, so if your feeling down and out, and need that pa...”

  • “Up there with my new favorite citrus strain, better than its mother grapefruit for sure! Great budget buy and very outdoorsy head high”

  • “after a glob of this wonderful hybrid my pain and anxiety are gone and I feel great. sweet yet piney citrus it's a beautiful thing”

  • “Citrix extract by Open Vape is a wonderful product. It has a fantastic flavor... like grapefruit meets a pineapple. The high can't be beat, leaving you focused and energized.”

  • “This review is for Citrix/Haole shatter. Very tasty citrus taste. Very potent shatter. I took 3 dabs and I am completely stoned. My head is feeling heavy, my eyes are feeling heavy but I am completely alert and awake. The color is darker amber honey. It is shatter, and does shatter... haha The bud tender said this batch is a "wake and bake and keep smoking all day kinda mix. You just keep getting more high". H...”

  • “The pheno of this I've tried is slightly different than the more popular/common one. This pheno leans heavily to the grapefruit lineage with its very strong citrus, slightly fuely scent. The high is a good middle ground between la confidential and grapefruit with its quick onset back of the head creep, phenomenally mellow body high, and great energy with definitely euphoric feelings. This is a must in your stash if y...”

  • “This was nice, but a bit underwhelming. I felt relaxed and aware, but not particularly driven - this was a nice middle-ground. It also allowed me to really enjoy my food, leisurely savoring it, and might do well for others with or in recovery from eating disorders.”

  • “relaxing and it's giving more a change to organize my weekend. not bad at all”