Clementine Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is a great, versatile strain. If you want to be couch locked all night, this strain locks you up. If you wanna clean the house, this strain is your orange pledge. You get a great orange taste and smell with the musky Kush smell all stoners love!!”

  • “after smoking more of this I did not get the same effect as the first time. This is a real heady high with a slight body high. Nice and relaxed though, made my pain stop. Taste is super.”

  • “I absolutely love this strain. It is super stoney as all hell. Watch out though this is a creeper. I only took three hits off it and was super stoned. Excellent pain relief as well for me. I mixed it with some R5 cbd and I feel great. Felt the high in my face right away, made my face all tingly then the body high set in really good. This is my new favorite.”

  • “I am not sure if some of this was caused by an interaction with my medication (Lamictal), but I did not have a good experience. I became really nervous and paranoid on it.”

  • “Really nice bud... good for chilling out but doesn't lock you down or keep you from being functional... definitely a heady buzz but nice body relaxation as well... I will enjoy the rest of my 1/2 O.”

  • “Big, frosty, hairy nugs, that pack a hell of a punch! Has a scent of fresh Tangerines, mixed with a scent of rain. I'm not really all for the taste honestly, but the high is great! Lasted a good 2 hours with a calm relaxing body high, mixed with an almost psychedelic head high that creeps up about 15 minutes after a good couple hits.”

  • “Love the citrus tast. Excellent mood enhancer relaxed flow like state induced.”

  • “The very citrus flavor makes you feel as if you are in a tropical paradise. Perfect for summer.”