Cookie Dough Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I don't usually rate my strains by their experience due to a bunch of reasons. Anyways this cookie dough is absolute fire. If you see it buy. Buy it in bulk please you will not regret your purchase. As somebody with a HUGE tolerance to most flowers I can say this will knock out even the most seasoned cannabis consumer. Stay Stoney my friends (-; also this is a very saliva leaning strain, thus paranoia suffers beware ...”

  • “grabbed some cookie dough while a friend was in town and had a great time with it. the first bowl had me eating a pizza and a half. the second bowl had me on the couch watching Bill Nye, the Science Guy, marathon-style.”

  • “Nice GSC cut. We have this here in Michigan & wow! Definitely top shelf meds, a little racy at the start with a bit of paranoid, but if you can wait it out, she will take care of you real well”

  • “Such a Sensational High. Taste just like girl scout cookies but the high is phenomenal! 10/10 would smoke again”

  • “Hail Mary Jane, hands down one of the strongest strains I have ever smoked, had me walking like a zombie out of the walking dead! Super sweet almost cheesy berry taste, HEAVY mong and giggles that last almost an hour. Cannot go wrong with this strain, especially if you want to get more mashed than the potatoes on a plate of my mothers chicken dinners!!”

  • “I dig it 😁 bout to twist one now cookies for breakfast , cookies for lunch, and cookies for supper time with this strain of cookies I can eat cookies anytime”

  • “relaxing and talkative. music is a plus”

  • “very nice mellow”