Damnesia Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is an awesome strain, when harvested early it will keep you awake for hours, when harvested late it can be very strong, but overall puts you in a great mood.”

  • “Dig the flowing buzz. Smile's throughout the day.”

  • “Luv it! Imo it's best for beginners! I quitted smoking for 3 months after a bad weed trip (anxiety until i went to bed). After the break i started with a few harder strains which got me anxious again. But this strain flipped it! Smoked it 2 days ago in Amsterdam and i'm feelin real good! You don't feel it that hard. You just feel balanced, no faster heart rate and your thoughts are clear!”

  • “Taste good. Beautifull herb”

  • “Lovely little high, earthy with a hint of black pepper and spice aftertaste. Very uplifting and energizing, though if you smoke/vape a significant amount you can get quite lost in the tangental thoughts the weed encourages. Overall, though, a very enjoyable and relaxing high.”

  • “Qué fuerte es esta strain, con un sabor fuerte que desde el primer toque sientes el golpe y el rush directo al cerebro. Ya después empiezas a degustar poco a poco sus sabores y seguro terminaras súper elevado 🕉”