Diamond Valley Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “this is my wake up booster some people have coffee some have Adderall lol. this is amazing how I start my day!!!!”

  • “Honestly was surprised from it. It hit me quickly out of nowhere and I got stuck for a good minute. 11/10 recommend but honestly don't try to smoke a blunt of it by yourself unless you have the time and munchies to disappear from the world for a good while XD”

  • “Very distinct smell - a lot of body and this is a good way to relax before chilling . Smooth like butter , it's purple hues are noteable in a very floral wine way when blazed the taste has an edge slight harsh upon smooth classic OG flavor. Just a very unique strain I can say I like this better than some other OG strains . 👽🤘🏻”

  • “good shit”

  • “CC in Toronto has this in and it's fantastic. Strong. Earthy. One previous review it's a good wake up strain, gets the head clear. So good.”

  • “Very relaxing...”

  • “Fantastic flavor profile. Terps come through shining and leave your body and mind similarly bright. Nice creative flow and relaxing body high. Great strain.”

  • “A hidden west coast gem, supremely dank. High relaxation, smooth, calm, clear”