Disney Blue Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This stuff really is magical. It's great for daytime if you just smoke a little. It's great for relaxing and getting your creative side going, if you smoke a little more. It's great for sleepy time if you smoke a couple bowls. It's uplifting and happy and my new favorite strain, which is why I stocked up on it, because it's not always available. If you get a chance to try Blue Disney, you won't be disappointed.”

  • “This is one of my very favorite strains. This bud is so dreamily dank that even vaping, the sweet blueberry odor is heavy and clear. This strain pulls beautifully and lends itself to a creative mind and an aching body. After my first day up at 5000 feet (I live at sea level), I was able to ignore altitude sickness with the help of this magical beauty and drum the night away. Really wonderful, creative, happy making s...”

  • “Love this strain, does the trick every time. Potent. Smells of blueberries with rock hard buds.”

  • “nice uplifting no worries thype of high love one of my favourites”

  • “A strange strain, but good for it. It creeps with a buzz behind the mind and a gentle blanket on the body. Not super strong by any means, but a few solid doses do make you wish you were riding Pirates of the Caribbean or even Star Tours!”

  • “Top shelf is all I need to say.”

  • “This is one amazing strain! I love blue dream and this hybrid is just as satisfying. Great daytime high.”