Double Dutch Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Are you kidding me? Wow I grew this shit in the middle 90's. Has that la conf flavor. Typical yield and time (7-8 weeks). Tendency to centralize colas. This sumbuck is a true classic. Who in the f*** still has this strain??”

  • “A very earthy fruity sour smoke which is incredibly pungent. This one would be a great one for beginners as it gives you a medium stone & high with feelings of euphoria and happiness. Also good if you are out socializing with friends and you want something that won't have you high as a cat in a tree or have you falling asleep. Go's well with a pint of the good stuff. If you are a seasoned toker than this one may no...”

  • “in perfect grow conditions the 60/40 split can be achieved however in the strain i was given (@uptownGrowlabs) there was a more of a 50/50 sativa dominate strain (HIGHLY appreciated) . this smoke was super hairy with hints of purple in the leaves , great smoke will be back for more”

  • “Nice hybrid, smooth is a nice way to describe, little earthy taste and smell, very smooth smoke, very good burn. Good hybrid, nice and mellow, with some cbd.”

  • “great stuff. especially for medicating at night.”

  • “Not the usual cannabis smell. Flowery fruity bit sangria and slight dusty musky hint. Good long lasting indica hit good for sleep and pain. Super dense nugs in fact the densest I've seen.”

  • “tried this from my local shop. AMAZING”