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Dreamer’s Glass Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A wonderful hybrid. First impression of the flower itself is great. Large, medium-dense flower, very purple in color. the aroma is very welcoming, and is the high itself. I have found dreamer's glass to be an extremely well-balanced strain. Initial feeling leans heavily towards sativa without being too racy. An alert, happy high follows, and after about 15 minutes the indica properties kick in. I could feel the high ...”

  • “This strain is a refreshing hybrid that induces a cool physical high, and an explosive mental high. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the taste, but the aroma is clean and cool. I highly recommend this strain if you're looking for something to enjoy with a couple friends.”

  • “Very heady and strong at first but tapers off significantly. My head felt like it was throbbing or beating when it hit me. I bought from native roots and was surprised at how dry the bud was. There is a nice pine flavor to it when smoking and it doesn't burn your lungs as much as blue dream did for me. Blue dream is still my favorite. Not crazy impressed.”

  • “I tried this via vaporizer, about .25 to .45 gram and it fucking rocked my brain. It started with a general brain fog and blossomed to a full on smashed head. It made me feel like I just woke up at the dentist -- my face felt numb. It also made my heart race, so if you're prone to tachycardia, take this one in small steps. My limbs felt pleasantly tingly at first, and then, swear to god, they started flexing and ...”

  • “brought about creative words of art and stimulated the psychology of play,, used as a suppressant ii felt rejuvenated as appetite increased and sleep was achieved,, twin blazed 2 j's”

  • “You don't need me to explain how good it is. Just look at the lineage. Blue Dream x Glass Slipper; Glass Slipper is Cindy 99 and Pineapple 99 The bud I smoked here in Longmont CO had the earthy skunk in the tropics flavor I would've expected from the gene pool. Obviously grown with care too. So I was lucky to smoke it. Thanks Shiva!!! This is an accidental duplicate of my previous Dreamers Glass review.”

  • “smooth hitting, not an overview powering smell”