Duke Nukem Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Decided to spend the whole day barefoot, Mastered the Melodion, started a band, made dinner for 8.”

  • “Nice highs with little amounts. This strain kicks ass. You'll feel relaxed, hilarious and with no idea of what you have done during your high. Good compact nugs and a delicious flavour”

  • “Bud had little smell except for a little bit of a subtle fruity/rosy scent. Bright red/pink speckled buds with a sage green leaf. Very compact/flat but stuck with resin. Hands down dopest dope I ever smoked. I smoked half a bowl of this bomb ass bud with my bud. I got so baked and couchlocked. I proceeded to forget where I was, then everything thing else I ever knew. Felt like I was wearing a helmet, that's how ting...”

  • “Very potent very tasty. Pugnacious smell that's similar to White Russian. Like if duke and the rooskis made a squad and went into battle.”

  • “My all time favorite strain, it's very uplifting and powerful, I feel a release of pressure in my head and my joints are down in inflammation.”

  • “This strain isn't just named after an action hero, it IS an action hero. Intense but not overwhelming, it allowed me to remain focused and productive throughout the ride. As other reviewers have pointed out, it's worth noting that "Duke Nukem" should not be confused with "Nuken" which is a totally different animal and seems to be in wide circulation over the past year or so. Before trying this strain, I would have...”

  • “Very fruity smells like a tropical drink gets you pretty high makes you relaxed and in a great mood.”

  • “I usually can't handle sativa's, even the hybrid dominant strains, expect this one, this one is 100% calm relaxed focused energy no jitters or anxiety with this one :)”