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Exodus Cheese Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Favorite strain for Mother plants in my area of England. The strain is always passed as a cutting and Green House Seeds fake doesn't seem to be very dominant in my area even though it does pop up. Exodus can grow very stocky its brilliant for an outside cultivator trying to ninja the Cops but does tend to stink to high heaven nearing the end of flowering. Pungent smell which is more sickly with a heavy damp sweetnes...”

  • “Illinois rating 17.45% THC First off it really does taste like cheddar, but that's not a bad thing. It's light not over powering as far as smoke but the effects are very nice, although you feel a body sensation , you are able to move around and are not glued to the couch, overall very nice”

  • “Very good. Take too much and you would be spinning out of control. Hectic.”

  • “Good for those looking to go straight to sleep. Great body high and mild head high”

  • “Good high, happy but become tired within an hour or two”

  • “good body high. mild head high. a decent hybrid, but thats about it. good for falling asleep.”

  • “Pungent strain that has the classic cheese stank. I tend to get more of a greasy hippie sandal smell than say a cheddar but to each their own. Does the job well, hits hard and long lasting.”

  • “Nice, heavy head high along with a nice tingly feeling of the body. Good strain.”