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Exodus Cheese Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “this strain is what got me into smoking for flavor. beautiful smell and translates to palate well. first time I ever tried this I said it "tasted of the color blue". maybe just me...”

  • “As a lover of the cheeses, this one is superb. Very nice strain, nice body high, helps with hunger and nausea, slept like a baby....”

  • “Oh, it's about to get biblical up in this bitch. Smoking this had me stoney for a solid 4 hours straight. I went apeshit in the kitchen and cooked up a huge pot of chili that'll last for a couple months. Definitely will try more strains in the future with Cheese in the name.”

  • “Dizzy, very dizzy, but relaxing!”

  • “I bought about 2.5 grams from The Hulp coffee shop in Amsterdam that cures it for about 9 months before selling. I vaped 0.5 gr and it slowly hit me. It kind of resembles the Kosher Kush high in the sense that you feel very uplifted. Excellent variety. Probably one of the best I had in A'dam. It may worth invest in some seeds and choose a mother for your perennial garden... I don't remember the taste texture but it w...”

  • “You're hiking up a mountain. Things start to look cooler as you continue to ascend since you can see further than you've ever before. Your head starts to feel a little different due to the change in air pressure. But when you finally reach the top, an indescribable, awe-inspiring view smacks you in the face. You sit down to bask in and respect it's glory. Your muscles relax and a smile spreads across your face. You l...”

  • “Exodus cheese creates an uplifting yet calming and relaxed feeling. Great for social smoking or daytime relaxing. A great strain all around as it looks as good as it tastes!”

  • “Pleasant relaxation,nice smell-blueberry with cheese and delicious,mix spicy,sweet blueberry and cheese.”