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Exodus Cheese Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Good high, happy but become tired within an hour or two”

  • “good body high. mild head high. a decent hybrid, but thats about it. good for falling asleep.”

  • “Pungent strain that has the classic cheese stank. I tend to get more of a greasy hippie sandal smell than say a cheddar but to each their own. Does the job well, hits hard and long lasting.”

  • “Nice, heavy head high along with a nice tingly feeling of the body. Good strain.”

  • “Exodus Cheese will always remind me of the UK when I was there quite a while ago now it was all anyone wanted to smoke and it was everywhere. It's an extremely stinky strain that when you smell it you'll instantly understand why it's called cheese. The buds are a dark green with small spots of bright green the hairs are almost a dark tan color and the buds are completely triched out. They are very chunky and when cur...”

  • “Had just "Exodus" rather than "Exodus Cheese," but this is the only strain on Leafly with "Exodus" in the name. (Actually, just noticed this: Leafly, you guys need to tweak the spellchecker here so that the name of your own company doesn't get that annoying red underline, and I suppose I'm including that in my review as an example of how detail-oriented this stuff makes you!). So anyway, this strain does give you goo...”

  • hi2

    “A phenotype of Skunk #1, this is an offspring of the original, and it is sativa dominant. Perfect for the morning. You'll feel wide awake and energetic. Gives you that wide eyed effect where you almost forget to blink! There's a euphoria (can't stop smiling), and you're fully functional...Definitely in my top ten for the morning...Great start to the day.”

  • “Very mellow and peaceful, perfect for smoking outside on the lawn on a sunny day. A good body high, good choice for video games as well.”