Exodus Cheese Reviews

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  • “this isn't the original cheese, or even the one favoured by the exodus collective, which remains 'clone only' to this day. the real deal has a taste as strong as the smell, and it's the fruitiest thing this side of blueberry, but considerably more potent and so deserves respect; it's caused more 'whiteys' than any other strain in the uk, and takes a while to get used to. the biggest problem is that funky sme...”

  • hi2

    “A phenotype of Skunk #1, this is an offspring of the original, and it is sativa dominant. Perfect for the morning. You'll feel wide awake and energetic. Gives you that wide eyed effect where you almost forget to blink! There's a euphoria (can't stop smiling), and you're fully functional...Definitely in my top ten for the morning...Great start to the day.”

  • “You're hiking up a mountain. Things start to look cooler as you continue to ascend since you can see further than you've ever before. Your head starts to feel a little different due to the change in air pressure. But when you finally reach the top, an indescribable, awe-inspiring view smacks you in the face. You sit down to bask in and respect it's glory. Your muscles relax and a smile spreads across your face. You l...”

  • “Oh, it's about to get biblical up in this bitch. Smoking this had me stoney for a solid 4 hours straight. I went apeshit in the kitchen and cooked up a huge pot of chili that'll last for a couple months. Definitely will try more strains in the future with Cheese in the name.”

  • “This Medicine, I picked up last week and has been working wonders! I have ADHD, in the past I have tried Ridalin RX and didn't like the side affects but loved how it helped my ADHD. well nedlest to say this strain helps just the same but no side affects :). Peace and Cannabus”

  • “Exo is a nice weed to smoke when stressed, it really helps you relax and it is a great medicine against nausea (personal experiment). Good price and nice buzz, really enjoyed it”

  • “so I bought a 1/8th today from a local north Spokane smoke shop of this blueberry smelling light and dark green just WOW. this is some good stonie weed. my wife was sitting about ten feet from men! and I opens the jar from phatpanda while she read a book. the next thing I know she's in my face going where you get that stinky Shi# and I told her to check out satori.”

  • “One of the best strains ever!! If u find a good breed, only a small/normal j of your standards will make u just high enough for 2-3 hours, which is great for daytime! Now if u want a good buzz just smoke more, sit down and enjoy the "trip" ;) 5/5”