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Fire OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Fire OG is NOT to be underestimated. As a super- sativa afficianado I'm usually somewhat reletivley underwhelmed by decent, but dime a dozen "OG's." This however, is a kick in the face and a ripping sativa one at that. Fire OG and its crosses Firewalker (fire x skywalker) and Fire King (x king louis) are all superior, (while I believe the latter to be the strongest) this is fucking intense and uplifting until you sta...”

  • “This is basically viagra.”

  • “I just wanted to brush my teeth.. normally it only takes 2, maybe 3 minutes. instead spent 2 hours in the bathroom. call me if u want your teeth professional cleaned:/”

  • “Definitely a heart thumper. 3 hits... I'm fuckin motivated dude. writing, reading, working, it don't matter. this strain got my ass up. straight to the brain at first with a sense of motivation, then a nice calming stoned feeling after a few hours.. pain was zero and depression wiped off the face of the earth. awesome smoke for sure my friends.”

  • “After finishing a half bottle of wine, we smoked a small bowl of Fire OG. The effects where immediate and noticeable. The drunkenness disappeared and an enjoyable mental buzz that started to churn into a body high as well. I started smiling more than usual and would start jiggling at little things. Once things got physical, I noticed myself being a more attentive, considerate lover. My Body started moving in a c...”

  • “I suffer from Occipital Neuralgia and Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. I have 24/7 Chronic pain. Great for helping to wind down for bed. My first favorite is Grandaddy Purple. Fire OG was even better though and highly recommended for those with any neuropathic disease. You just found what you've been searching for.....”

  • “It is very strong strain, I wouldn't recommend this to newbies. As I smoked it, it definitely burns your throat and you'll cough, but good cough in a way. It definitely gives out that good high you get from Fire. Excellent strain, flavor isn't my favorite in this strain. But worth buying, not recommended to people who are new to smoking. Excellent for stress and pain. You'll also feel that tingling in your body. Enjo...”

  • “Very good combination of head and body high. It's a good all day smoke it will keep you happy and uplifted during the day, but it will also put you to sleep at night.”