Frosted Freak Reviews

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  • “Oh yeah, this is my Favorite one!! I've. never seen such a chromoly crystaled up tricome strain like this one!! Looking like a mirror she shines so much, pure glamorous! Absolutely beautiful! And that is just how she looks, haven't even got to the dank smell of citrus & lemonade punch smell yet! Real good dense rock flowers, tasting like well, lemony, mint,pine all wrapped up into a bunch of love!! Super relaxatio...”

  • “I found this strain at the Herbal Centre in Mt. Morris, Michigan. I see why it gets the name!! Super crystal covered buds! WOW!! The nugs are hard rock & has a light orange/lime skunky smell! They are a whitish color due to the tric production, very pretty! The smoke is gentle & smooth, with a nice taste! The effects were relaxing, calm , almost narcotic like!! Very enjoyable!! Made my pain & dress disappear!! I love...”

  • “i liked it. the buzz is all over the face and neck area. with a light haziness feeling in the head. brings about focus and creativity. eye sight gets more clear. hd vision. its nice. it taste good and smells even better. the batch i got was fresh and looked healthy. i would recommend. its good for day or night. i imagine if you smome a lot of it at once you may get real stoned....why dont you go ahead and give it a ...”

  • “WOW, there's so many thing I could say about this beautifully tricomed bud. This is by far my most favorite strain. It has a never nice pungent smell, and the taste is just all around perfect. Every time I visit The Herbal Center in Mount Morris I ask for it by name, and I can honestly say I never leave disappointed. This strain is HIGHLY recommended for sure. Also The caregiver was very knowledgeable and very helpfu...”

  • “l love this strain”

  • “Very proud to be a mmmp and know that this is a MI strain. And more important I know where to get the Fire. Kudos for the strength both head and body. Buds are well taken care of. Is part of my rotation. Lot of family history in this strain which I absolutely love and love hearing about”

  • “I suffer from PTSD & this medicine really helped with that. No panic attacks yesterday or today which is a big deal for me! Finding the right strain for this condition is difficult, some other kinds actually makes it worse, but not this Frosted Freak. It calmed me down & was relaxing, no paranoia, my body seemed warm & tingly. Most important, my wife & I had a wonderful, long & thoughful conversation that was much o...”

  • “Absolutely love this Hybrid! Strong body high without the head change usually associated with stronger indicate strains.very warm euphoric after glow as well. Absolutely enjoyable experience.”