Fruit Loops Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “being someone who suffers from chronic pain and PTSD I have found eating some of a froot loops bar, I do get some decent pain control as well as being able to get some sleep. I'm just now starting w/ edibles & I have to say I am more than pleasantly surprised. I did find myself quite chatty with my physical therapist today so I can vouch for what I read in the effects description. But the best thing is being able to...”

  • “Wow, I can totally dig these Fruity loops. Mild Indica even when rolled into a 1 gram hash-stick. Amazing aromatics, not very sedating, has a great Sativa mind twist that promotes happiness. Plus a cool name that matches her lovely smell.”

  • “This is one of the best smelling and tasting strains I've ever tried 😍 no complaints with this beauty. a very good strong high that will leave you satisfied! Glad I got to try this while it was available very recommended!”

  • “FRUIT LOOPS!!!! Okay, let me just begin by saying that fruit loops are one of the nicest looking strains out there - Blue, Purple, Red, Silver trichomes coating the entire nug. In terms of it's 'medicinal' value, very very uplifting strain for being an indica, good day time relaxation that's not gonna make you fall asleep, also very good at helping with anxiety and appetite loss. I'd say this is like the xanax of ma...”

  • “The stuff I had from Nectar was unlike any other bud I've seen... I kid you not from an 1/8th I gathered nearly a full gram of kief! This stuff is like white powder. Hands down my favorite strain this far.”

  • “Liked this strain, harsh on the throat for me though. Smelled good.”

  • “Was really looking forward to this strain, as I'm a fan of it's parent strains (Blue Dream, Grapefruit, Blueberry, White Widow). My batch was a little harsh, but sweet on the exhale. I was, however, a little let down by this strain. Don't get me wrong, it provides a cerebral buzz with a mellow body high, but for me, it was just 'meh'.”