Glue Tech Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “my partner suffers from stage 4 cancer and a bunch of anxiety i gave her some of this and all that stress leaves for the time of the high i love it”

  • “Really good for people suffering from anxiety. This strain relaxes your body and mind and helps you escape from stress with one or two hits. Probably my new favorite anxiety strain.”

  • “Love this strain! Perfect combo of relaxation, euphoria while still being able to function. Definitely a new favorite! Wish I knew it's lineage, anyone else? Someone at my dispensary said it's Gorilla Glue and Cookies. What "cookies," I have no idea. I'm not buying that! Definitely worth a try. A hybrid, indica dominant strain?”

  • “Not really an Indica fan but this smokes like a dream. I don't feel drained when I hit it like most Indica and I get a creative boost. Bud is beautiful almost greenish blue.”

  • “Love the taste! 👌”

  • “back pain relief”

  • “Perfect strain for anyone with digestion issues.”

  • “Good strain, have severe anxiety. Instantly lifted me up after my fourth pull. Give it a try to those who feel paranoid and very anxious.”