Golden Gage Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Love selections such as this for my afternoon stretching and movement exercises. Provided me with a positive and creative state, and relaxed my muscles; making the session very rejuvenating and productive. Warm body buzz persists for hours after consumption. Look for a mostly citrus (Limonene) terpene profile with hints of spice and herbs (Caryophyllene). The former is great for energy and alertness and the latter is...”

  • “Love this strain! Beautiful, sticky, smelly PNW buds! This strain was fast acting, powerful and long lasting, not recommended for beginners but highly recommended for seasoned hybrid fans. Perfect for Phish shows, hiking, skiing and yoga.”

  • “I agree with badtrip, definitely not for beginners I would say. This is a very fast acting strain too. Before I even finish a quarter of a joint, I'm getting the effects. Very easy to focus on things though and get stuff done. Personally I get a "speed" feel at first then it will start to chill me out. The head high is one of the best I've had.....and I like to smoke a lot of different stains!”

  • “is a very well balance of pain relief to head buzz not foggy or out in space”

  • “I Stumbled Upon This Strain Via Grass & Glass By The Vendor House Of Cultivar . The sweet Yet piney Taste caked the top of my mouth only briefly but surprisingly satisfying nonetheless. My Wife , Our Friend and Myself found ourselves engaged in goofy conversations while reliving past moments . This is surely a crowd pleaser if your looking for a Social Bud with a great Taste!”