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Golden Goat Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I decided to visit a local dispensary here in Denver. I am not from this area and haven't smoked in over 7 years. I am a normal individual working a well paying job, but I have serious stress and anxiety issues that I refuse to go get drugs from the doctors, so before I went back to my state I decided to give it a shot. I told the budtender what I needed (Something that is energetic and has stress relief) he gave me...”

  • “The Happiest High that I have ever had. Great balance between head and body. Perfect Hybrid. Sativa start to it, almost psychedelic then evens out. DO NOT DRIVE!”

  • “To be honest this strain is the closest feeling to being on MDMA like seriously. I was so happy on this strain that I studied , called family members I usually wouldn't call and had endlessly beautiful conversations with friends. BTW IM A 8 year straight LA smoker.”

  • “The golden goat high is quite distinctive for me. It has three distinct phases: 1) the come-up, which is extremely energetic and creative - you will want to move around, talk to people, or get started on/complete a project you're supposed to be doing 2) the peak, which is euphoria. It isn't a sativa-like rush, more like a sudden realization that this amazing euphoric feeling has been building and you just feel real...”

  • “Smells of mangoes, lemon, and pine. Has a sweet and fruity taste. Provides an energetic high with a non-couch-lock head to toe body buzz, resonates feelings of contentment, happiness, and creativity, and is very uplifting. Great for biking, walking, meditating, listening to music, and enjoying the outdoors. Relieves symptoms of depression, stress, and is great for pain.”

  • “Very nice sativa. I say that because I don't get the bouncies from it. It's muted happiness, a calm reckoning of self and direction. I say burn this when you're really having a shite day/week/month/year it will lift you up, dust you off, and send you back into the fight with a fresh perspective. I smoke to benefit ptsd and depression and would recommend this to anyone seeking a mood lift. Just burn and take a long wa...”

  • “Golden Goat is easily my favorite strain. It kicks in with a very heavy Sativa vibe that smoothes out into a very nice hybrid-style buzz. The high is very energetic, positive, and uplifting. Perfect for treating anxiety and for creative moments. As good as gold!”

  • “When I first fell in love with pot it was Sour D that brought me in. I thought there could be no better bud on earth than that, and before Sour D I was never all that interested in pot. Over the years I have found some strains that were to me slightly better. But nothing Compared to the goat. This strain is a powerhouse of anti nausea, anti pain, and anti depression/anxiety, while keeping me up better than coffee I u...”