Golden Nugget Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Has the pain relief of Stardawg and the same kick in the rear as Golden Goat. Nice hybrid to utilize when you need to keep moving, but lethargy, tension, and pain are holding you back. Tangy and sweet taste and aroma; nice light green color with golden pistils.”

  • “Very stoney weed, it makes me very relaxed the taste is wonderful, i think it tastes a bit piney and it smells sweet, very bright buds full of orange hairs”

  • “Pros: • mood stabilizer, feelings of happiness • a good strain to start your day with • no paranoia or anxiety • creativity \m/ {o.0} \m/ Cons: • dry mouth • this particular strand will give you the munchies”

  • “I've done a couple runs with golden nugget and have found it to be one of my favorites. The smell I get is a lemony fruit type of smell. Reminds me of lemon starburst. The flavor profile reminds me somewhat of stardawg. (My current phenotype anyway) I haven't tried the other seeds to search for the premium pheno but she's off to a great start. Definitely a nice buzz for daytime use when you have things to do. 👍💪�...”