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Green Avenger

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What is Green Avenger?

The celebrated breeder Subcool is well-known for his fondness of Brothers Grimm genetics, having used several of their strains in his breeding projects. As a thank you for championing their genetics while they were on a long hiatus from the seed business, the now active Brothers Grimm named a special hybrid after his seed company TGA (The Green Avengers). After finding a special male in a pack of TGA’s Vortex, they decided to cross it with their Genius, one of the most sought after Apollo 11 phenotypes. The result is Green Avenger, a squat, branchy plant with long, sticky colas of tropical, fruity smelling flowers. With notes of pineapple and citrus, Green Avenger delivers a speedy, euphoric rush.

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Green Avenger Effects and Attributes

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Green Avenger Genetics and Grow Info

Green Avenger Flavors

  • 1. Mint
  • 2. Honey
  • 3. Menthol

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“Fantastic strain, great quality and what a kick. Within 2 seconds of my first puff I could feel the effects. It's uplifting and energetic whilst giving full control. I couldn't stop smiling. I've been an indoor Chronic fan for so long, but now...... times are changing. A buddy brought it over from the US and I think there's a huge market awaiting here in South Africa. I'm just really lucky to be one of the first few ...”

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“Boom! Growing this weed stateside has been such a joy and my patients love it for it smoothness, subtle yet tantalizing tastes, and exquisitely FRESH aromas. I’d recommend this to all my friends looking for an Example of Hybrid perfection.”


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