Gucci OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Perfection. Couchlock with bubbling euphoria and giggles. It's like OG Kush smacked you in the face with a designer bag. Get it!”

  • “LOVELY variant of OG Kush. The 1/8th I laid hands on tested out at 30% THC content. A true one hitter quitter smoke.”

  • “Bred as a knockout high, Gucci was created to be smack-you-in-the-face strong. It is an award-winning strain, winning the 2013 Cannabis Cup for Concentrates. Gucci has a pungent, yet sweet flavor with a spicy aftertaste that is simply delicious: it is a very versatile strain. Great for social settings and acts like a sativa as it leaves you happy, tingly and energetic. When used at night it can allow you to relax eno...”

  • “Great taste, very relaxing and damn good day time high. Definitely an good OG strain.”

  • “This is definitely one of my top favorite hybrids. It's a very happy high. Feel it both head and body. Taste is good. Overall a great high.”

  • “Its definitely worthy of the name. Very potent! I consider myself a heavy smoker, however this had me elevated after only a bowl.”

  • “What a treat! I picked up some Gucci OG house shatter from C.C.C. in corona and I love it. The balance on this strain is so wonderful. Im very alert and in total control of thoughts and objectives, however my body is relaxed and soothed. The flavor from this particular shatter is sweet and slightly fruity. The smell is light and earthy. Overall it's a gorgeous smoke.”

  • “The 1oz of this strain surprised me thoroughly. Potent? Yes. Aromatic? Very much so. Taste? One of my absolute favourites.”