Heavy Duty Fruity Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Focused and alert high. Great day time med for anxiety/depression. Strong fruity taste, my be considered sweet by some users. Small dabs of this throughout the day is how I keep medicated. Highly recommended!!”

  • “Heavy duty fruity is a stain that yields incredible high. May very well be one of the highest yielding. I didn't rate this strain as medicinal because of the lack of effect other that anxiety. One 2 gram joint smoked halfway produced a buzzy spacey high that was somewhat pleasurable, but more psychedelic than I would have liked. Probably would be good for someone suffering from a mental disorder, but no good for ...”

  • “It's pretty, my hubby and I also call it "redhead reefer" because of the thick red hairs it has. Lots of keef to be collected, if you have a grinder with a keef collector. Smells great, wonderfully clear high. Top notch!”

  • “This stuff is sticky. I got a lot of energy with this, definitely a day time use. Felt like doing things all day. Guys this good for when your girl wants to go shopping.”

  • “Nice taste good yield. Effects are gone in about an hour. Good smoke before you go into movies medicine you will be comfortable and might even remember the end the movie enjoy.”

  • “This is one of my favorites. If grown correctly it is a nice even high with a smooth finish. The flavor is phenomenal especially if you enjoy a fruity finish. I've done plenty of housework after a couple of hits of this strain. I've mostly smoked this strain that I grew but have tried it at dispensaries a couple of times. If you just want to have fun try Heavy Duty Fruity.”

  • “This bud did not have a strong smell to it. The high was quite powerful in the way it made me feel introverted and allowed my mind to wander to many profound thoughts. As the name would imply this strain tasted fruity but also slightly spicy. Very little negative effects, a little dry mouth and thats it.”

  • “Super dooper chill High - very uneventful, you're so high you just sit there n melt”