Honey Bananas Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is definitely one of the best strains I have ever tried besides Blue Dream. It uplifts you into the happiest, calming mood ever. It also can get you very aroused because all of your senses are intensified. I had multiple "O's" while high on this. It seemed like it lasted for ever. Even music feels like it's pulsating through your body. Very euphoric too... I would recommend this strain for anxiety & depression, ...”

  • “Excellent medicine. Euphoria and happiness abound. Uplifting but still relaxing. Great for pain, depression and inhibitions.”

  • “This strain has definitely reached my top 3!!!! I fell in love with this strain once I inhaled it. Very sweet taste that tastes like delicious bananas with that sneaky scent of honey. After the psychoactive effects hit me within minutes I relaxed on my sofa and dozed off into an extremely relaxing hibernation for hours!!! All my pain was withdrawn from my body and I felt nothing but perfect rest. Then when I woke...”

  • “The perfect night cap or weekend warrior. Great name, strange flavor and superb buzz. This was a freebie I picked up and couldn't wait to try. The flavor was interesting and her effect were remarkable. Clear headed, upbeat with a full body melt. Not a wake-n-bake variety but cures what ales ya. Two phat thumbs up on this puppy.”

  • “Just absolute fun. What a wonderful strain. Smells amazing and unique, since banana is such a rare smell for pot. Smoke tasted even better than it smelled. But the real treasure here is the effects. Floaty, giggly, happy as hell, incredibly relaxed, and surprisingly clear-minded. Don't get me wrong, if you want to be brainless on it, you can be, but if you do need to form thoughts and sentences, you can. Get togethe...”

  • “Sweet terpy Honey Banana Shatter! On exhale I get this good funky taste and aroma for just a moment. The effects are full body with a good dose of cerebral behind the eye stoned feeling. I feel the euphoria and my mind feels like it wants to race (but I'm focused on this review). My chest/heart feels like it wants to race. Kinda got like feeling of being pulled in all directions but it's not a bad feeling. I'd say t...”

  • “a bueatiful strain to grow and smoke. in flower she smells sweet with a waft of bananas and can become a monster plant quite quickly. she tastes sweet and leaves her taste for a long time after inhaling. the high hits quickly and makes your eye lids drop a foot before you can lie down, giggling to yourself about nothing. my body feels like it can't be pushed, not quite couch lock but more can't be bothered but still ...”

  • “With this dense dank bud just coming across our boarders here in portland we know quality when we see, smell, and taste it. Burns slow and taste that haunted me all day. We are getting it tested stay tuned.”