Huckleberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I saw Huckleberry in the clinic a couple days ago and after smelling and looking at it decided it would be the next strain that i would try. The smell was very unique berry scent that explodes out into your nose when you put your nose to the jar, the smell for some reason went very well with the name 'huckleberry'. Then I got home and rolled a joint and packed a few bowls. I expected, especially since the nugs were v...”

  • “Nice berry taste, small buds. Reminds me of blueberry. Helps with pain, felt rather lazy and sleepy after smoking out of bong”

  • “I love this strain! Its perfect for a nature walk or another outdoor experience! A very aware and happy high with the amazing taste is great! I would reccomend smoking out of a wooden pipe if possible!”

  • “Huckleberry and Blueberry Skunk are remarkably similar even though they are very obviously different strains as you can tell from the nugs. Blueberry Skunk nugs are huge and incredibly dense and bright green with orange hairs, Huckleberry is almost purple, small dense nugs. Huckleberry hits much like Blueberry, straight to the head, but there is more cerebral effect, and its much, much tastier. both incredible bud...”

  • “Dispensary: Desert Rose Phoenix Strain: Platinum Huckleberry I have this sudden urge to speak with a Carolina accent, paint myself blue, throw on a jazzy hat, and watch Hannah - Barbera cartoons.”

  • “Great strain, the high makes it feel like your floating on air. The aroma is very sweet and berry just like the name suggest. Also its worth mentioning that the after taste is very fruit and you can actually taste a hint of huckleberry!”

  • “OMG! This is hilarious! If anyone saw Katt Williams (stand-up) he made a joke about how a bad bag of bud would be called "Huckabee"...i just had to laugh im lit”

  • “Set and setting- Aggravated arthritis from a physical 3 days. Super packed bowl, vaped it to dark brown. Headphones, a couch, and trippy music. Closed my eyes and saw every musical texture. Later, frequent moments of confusion and semi focused writing with lots of typos. At higher doses the high is great, but still only provided *moderate pain relief*. There are far better strains in that regard. Large buds, se...”