Jenny Kush Reviews

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  • “Initial impression: My bud-tender told me about this strain, and how it was named after a cannabis activist, the late Jenny Monson. Anything named after an activist in my experience has been always top quality, (cannaseur) quality take for example the late Jack Herer, that strain is one of the hardest hitting sativas in the industry. My initial impression was nothing short of dreamy and here is why. I use a scale of...”

  • “Jenny Kush is absolutely fantastic! I use it mostly in the early and mid evenings to ease my mind when I start getting stressed, and it calms me down perfectly. It's relaxing without being sedating, and still allows one's mind to function in an effective manner as well as giving a boost to creativity. It's this writer's go-to for those long bouts of evening writing and research. It's really a panacea for my psycholog...”

  • “I think it's really cool when strains are named after activists, or created to help provide someone specific relief from their symptoms. I would have to agree with description, it does seem like Amnesia Haze mixed with Rare Dankness #2. This is a great strain to smoke. I suffer from a strange currently undiagnosed neurological problem. With this problem comes a bunch of symptoms. One of the worst being an aneurysm...”

  • “This strain is a wonderful chill out strain. Not a coach lock you would expect but a mellow yet uplifting feeling. It also has a very meaningful history behind it. when I smoke this strain I think of Jenny and give her a moment of silence”

  • “The best strain I have ever had!! I shared a half joint with a friend and the high lasted over 5 hours with true euphoria, giggles, waves of energy and total bliss. The taste was citrus with hints of vanilla and with a smooth draw. This is now my new favorite strain EVER!!!”

  • “I loved this strain but I am only a few grams into my stash of this beautiful bud, this uncharted flower from Encanto was available for a sweet deal but has an even sweeter aroma and taste, definite coconut sweetness on the exhale. Beautiful looking king buds with orange hairs and lots of trichomes. High is some dissociative at higher doses yet still giggly and social even at the lower doses. No paranoia associated w...”

  • “definitely my top 5. it's insane how frosted with trichomes this strain is. I believe it's 20%-%24%”

  • “I've tried numerous strains over the past year. So far, I think this one is my favorite. I find it very relaxing. I could use it for sleep but I find myself having a cerebral and spiritual mind focus which seems to override sleepiness.”