Jillybean Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Wonderful lemon/orange citrus and sweet Jelly bean flavor from start to finish.. Overindulging will leave you drowsy and starving. This strain is great for shoulder pain and muscle spasms. A great day time napper or bed time med.”

  • “0.3 G in a vape. And after you finish the bowl. You start to feel a very sativa dominant effect. Uplifting, energetic, and happy emotions. As it begins to peak the sativa side starts fading out into a very strong indica side. All you want to-do is sleep or lay down. It crashes you down swiftly but gentle to an extent. It's hard to really explain. It's not like O.G. Kush how it crashs you down. But it's dec...”

  • “Very happy, very energetic, and very sex-inducing. Using the same amount as I would with any other strain in an MFLB, I came close to the too-much-energy-for-comfort touchpoint, which meant I had enough adrenaline for a panic attack, but since Jillybean left me so clear-thinking, I was able to counter the problem with simple breathing techniques. At the right amount (slightly less than usual for me), I found Jillybea...”

  • “So I have this in the oil form and let me tell you firsthand.. this is the best aroma I have ever smelled when it comes to oil. Fruity and just pure. Like sticking your nose in a big top shelf bucket!! I heard a story about this strain. The lady who came up with it was named Jill. She was one of the first woman who was educated enough to create a strain for mainly woman. There are natural female aphrodisiac's in th...”

  • “I'm rating this strain a 10 because it is perfect for me. I've grown it from seed, and have also purchased it many times from dispensaries, all with virtually the same effect. Bright neon green with lots of orange pistils, and totally caked with sugary trichomes. Definately sativa dominant, but not speedy and racy. Very uplifting and positive high. Can always lift me out of any bad mood and put a smile on my face. I ...”

  • “🍬🥝 Jillybean is killer sativa dominant hybrid with an even more impressive terpene profile. Light green nugs with beautiful orange fur and a whole lot of trichome madness! The taste is very fruity / citrusy and also smooth. The high is excellent for getting creative work done or getting yourself out of a bad mood. It is so relaxing without any of the sedation. It is hard to believe how awesome this strain turned ou...”

  • “sonic green cannabis. I don't remember the percentage but dayyyyum best weed I've smoked since I've moved to WA. it's so purple it looks evil and leaves a profound aroma if returned to your smoke spot.”

  • “Jillybean is a nice hybrid that melts away inhibitions, creative blocks and allows for true relaxation. Like a vacation in a flower, this bud will have layers of high energy sativa that helped keep my house clean but also slowly bring on some of the best sleep I've had in years. MS sufferers be aware that although effective on pain and general blues, be cautious of taking this medicine if you are in a funk. May incre...”