Juicy Jack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “wow! this strain is the fucking bomb😗😱, whatever you want it to do it will do it”

  • “Juicy Jack goes straight to the head within minutes. I was vaping this with my honey and both of us were instantly wrapped up in it. The euphoria hits after about 20 minutes. My back pain was gone almost instantly. A good Sativa rush of creative thoughts followed. Though this has a higher THC than other Jack crosses, the effects are pretty much done in a couple of hours. Not long lasting, but super intense. I slept b...”

  • “I smoke daily, so it usually takes a few hits to get me blazed. Juicy Jack knocked me on my ass in about 2 hits, no dry mouth but killer munchies. Also works great with my ADHD and anxiety.”

  • “very fruity taste, sweet aftertaste, pleasant smell, very uplifting, good for pain relief, not much of the munchies though. sort of mental lag, euphoric and warm and fuzzy feel inside, throat feels warm like i have taken a couple shots of vodka. overall pretty decent, feels like a sativa dominant but with sleepy indica undertones.”

  • “I LOVE this strain. It's my new daytime escape.”

  • “Another descendent of the highly popular Jack Herer lineage. Juicy Jack maintains the same great effects of its famous predecessor, and I dig the citrusy scent and the sweet lightly berry flavored smoke. Regarding its effects, Juicy is a pure hybrid with a euphoric and heady first impression. But, the low notes kick in eventually, and the experience slowly tapers off; eventuating in a pleasant state of mind.”

  • “I've smoked this a few times this past week and it's given me a headache each time :/ Got my mind going though. And had some good creative thoughts. Probably won't get again because who wants a headache”

  • “This strain definitely feels like a full sativa. I was much more awake and talkative. Lovedd it.”