Khalifa Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Found a shop in LA that said they were an official distributor... and they weren't kidding!!! I asked my bud tender where it's from and he said "The Bay Area" and my jaw dropped, I managed to score the real deal folks, this kush is the official strain straight from the grower up north.... so blessed to come across this and it's tested at over 28%... qrazyyy!!!!”

  • “Kk is good for just chillin and listenin to the man himself”

  • “If this strain is supposedly not open to the public and what i have is actually some of that k-k, then wow what a smoke. id say i have a resonably high tolerance and as such smoke concentrates so natrually i have this as a honeycomb wax. small amounts had me feeling very euphoric while the large amount let me know this had +3 to stagger effects. so not for the feint of heart, timid, or new to smoking. it was a long l...”

  • “VERY relaxing high but it's very energetic at the same time. Still doesn't prevent you from performing your day to day tasks. Great for day time use.”

  • “Smoke the KK & you'll have a good day day & it makes all your pain & stress go away away. You already know what it is. Motivating yet relaxing. Try it in a paper plane & you'll be in cloud 9 vibes. Gang.”

  • “probably one of the best strains ive had in phoenix the 2 years ive lived here...tie between the kk and blackwater...kk gets you right..sneaks up but after a few hots your lit af...wish other dispensaries could get ahold of this flower, cuz driving out to queen creek is a trip in itself..”

  • “Spent a few days ruminating about the effects of this strain. Khalifa Kush is labeled a hybrid, but definitely mellows me out. Like all of the Indica strains I administered KK post workout; mostly for relaxation and stretching. This strain is a now a top choice of mine for the reason stated above. Concerning the flower and smoke quality, I found the flower to be very pungent and the taste (odor) is amazing. This is w...”

  • “had this for the first time today, really enjoying the high. very happy high and the line taste is really nice.”