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Kill Bill Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I suffer from hormonal migraines. This means monthly migraines for the past 15 years and more to come. Almost instantly after exhaling I felt relief. I've never had a solution until now. Best day and best strain ever.”

  • “I had this shit and it was some stupid ass fire put me on my ass and I been a long time smoker and this shit made it feel like the first time smoking again”

  • “More of a sativa I felt w/ my batch. Ry strong head high tho...I mean ... Really fucking strong.”

  • “Very heavy sativa head high , very destressing and relaxing. Smells like candy.”

  • 7pt

    “You want some of this. It smells like rose bubblegum and the high is a very happy and relaxed high...not over the top high, but just right :) now...go on now... 'Wiggle your big toe.'”

  • “ive been purchasing this medication through meds on hand delivery service hands down very good one of my favorites”

  • “Sold to me as "Kill Bill OG" so who knows if it has some OG genetics additionally cross-bred in. Olive drab and emerald with orange/brown hairs. Popcorn sized and very fluffy/spongy on the squeeze. Amber trichomes. Very body-centric high but it leaves a clear head. I purchased with the intent to treat some chronic pain in my hand (broke my thumb 2 years ago and it acts up) and it does that well without knocking me...”

  • “This is a nice relaxed hybrid Definitely gives you the calmness and the sleepiness of both sides Once one gets over the taste which isn't too too bad the lift off is great!”