Kush Cleaner Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I thought that this strain was a perfect blend of og kush and jack's cleaner. The smoke was rather smooth for the most. The sativa high hit me instantly in the head and then what seemed probably like an hour or so very euphoric and cloudy. Then set in the mellow kush indica but it wasn't overwhelming or did I feel couch locked but I did go and take a nap. Seems like it would be best an hour or so before bed. I would ...”

  • “The smell was amazing - legit soap. The high is calming and I'd highly recommend it for stress and/or anxiety. Subject to Kush creep”

  • “I am reviewing the Critical Concentrates Kush Cleaner 50/50 Hybrid Strain. The color is absolutely perfect, with one of the smoother concentrate strains I have tasted in a very long time. The flavors present are citrus, earthy, pine, with a small hint of pineapple. This strain is great for those looking to medicate their pain, or who want to get a focused and creative spark throughout the day. Very Euphoric with mini...”

  • “I've never tasted a strain like this one. It tastes just like berry cream cheese. It's so tasty. I thought maybe I was crazy, so my friends got some and tried it too. We all agree. This is an insanely delicious strain. It hits you like a Mac truck too.”

  • “it was very good strain”

  • “This is the closest I've gotten to one-hit-quit. Three hits and I was knocked the fuck out!”

  • “I've got the Paperplanes Live Resin Budder, it makes you feel tingly after the 2-3rd hit than it really creeps up within 2 mins. Smell/taste is dank, so fresh & so clean-clean.”

  • “Kush Cleaner is a cross of SFV OG crossed to a Jack's Cleaner male. It was originally breed by a very kind soul, Loran. I was lucky enough to receive a cut of his Jack's Cleaner male and crossed it to all my favorite mother's. Kush Cleaner(sfv OG/ jack's cleaner) is by far the best cross out of the dozen or so I made.”