Lemonberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smells amazing, like a lemonberry slush from sonic and the taste matches. Dense small nugs with lots of long red hairs. Smokes good and the high is euphoric and uplifting forsure good to smoke during the day. Enjoyed some tasty keef aswell.”

  • “extremely potent and uplifting. 2 bong rips and I felt happy and talkative for hours. Sweet taste with a lemon twist.”

  • “I'm fucked up bro high as shit”

  • “Lemonberry gives off a strong citrus smell the buds are short the structure is very compact and about the size of a quarter if not bigger. Lemonberry is different from a lot of strains that I've tried. One of the differences that I noticed with lemon berry is that the strong body heigh comes out first. Rights as the body starts to hit me the head high hits me is a little bit of a headache pressure which is something...”

  • “Just got my hands on some lemonberry! Very nice smoke. Good for this rainy day. Very cerebral high, mind feels like it's floating. Head pressure which I saw mentioned in the other reviews is spot on. Head pressure not to the extent of a headache but you'll feel it. Definitely a good representation of a hybrid strain.”

  • “Great head and body high. Rushes through your body while inhaling and exhaling. Taste is very interesting. It is harsh to smoke but the feeling is worth it. Preferred out of a blunt to change the flavor.”

  • “Smells of lemon and earth very interesting the bud structure is about the size of a quarter nice orange hairs all over this bud. Darker patches of green while light green shades underneath almost like it's hiding its lighter colored leaves. Nice fresh bud on the grinder left behind some keif to use later as a treat. Lemon Thai is hard to come by but when asking for the genetics of lemon berry. Lemon Thai was involve...”

  • “Strong citrus taste, high may take a while to kick in”