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Logic Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This here is some party time dope. REALLY strong, bright sativa high and it's deceptive, you get high immediately and think you're good to go, but it creeps and you're way more ripped 15min later. Easy to converse, not easy to focus. Not entirely unlike being drunk and, incidentally, complements booze well. Bad anxiety if you smoke too much, which is easy to accidentally do with the creeping plus near 25% thc, tread ...”

  • “Man!!! If you need to doing spring cleaning... this is the one for you! And I couldn’t quit running my mouth about analytical stuff. Energy bomber right here!!”

  • “This small bud packs a kick. Smoked some before heading out for the night. Very uplifting without being racey. A good mix a flavor and a whole lot of fun. A great treat for those pulling all nighters.”

  • “I picked this strain up from GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique's medical facility recently, and was very impressed. Strong sweet diesel flavor seemed to really drive the uplifting, energetic effect. Definitely a great daytime strain if you've got some outdoor activity planned or you have errands to run. Also a huge fan of DJ Logic, so I was super stoked on to try this one out, and it did not disappoint.”

  • “Very very upbeat and energized. Productive.”

  • “Tremendous. Perfect early high that keeps going thru the day. Groundswell did great work here”