Lost Coast OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “OMG, This strain is #3 on the newest and best strains! I ordered an eighth from Shelby who delivered to me very quickly and was very nice to me. https://www.leafly.com/news/strains/new-strains-alert-white-nightmare-monkey-paw-lost-coast-og-crazy Seriously, this stuff is AWESOME BALLS! My fiance and I are sitting here soooo stoned, NO PAIN, omg, the freaking pain went away! The anxiety and stress from today is gone...”

  • “Oh. My. God. This strain. Oh my god this strain. It's not necessarily my all time favorite, but it's one of those strains that you can recommend to anyone and you know they'll love it, you can smoke it any time of day while doing pretty much anything and you'll feel great... it's a near perfect strain, honestly. I've found it to be an almost exclusively mental and head high, but it does slow down the body a bit in ...”

  • “I loved everything about this bud, and I could tell it was going to be a favorite strain just by looking at it. The smell is phenomenal and the vibrant green flower is covered in deep orange hairs and crystals; its hands down the prettiest weed I've ever had. It tastes like a sunset looks and the high is euphoric and great for helping with depression and anxiety. I could smoke this strain any time of day or night and...”

  • “I am new to weed and have tried maybe 5 or so strains. This is my favorite!! so relaxing yet focused. Really felt lovey dovey and social. Tastes amazing. Citrus and sweet deffinaly. Very smooth and calming. Vaped it with several friends and rave reviews from everyone in the group (experienced smokers and new ones) Highly recommend!!”

  • “I know exercising and smoking don't go together but this strain sure had me working out real smooth give you a up high not a downer I would recommend this to be in anyone's top 10”

  • “Great strain in all respects. Love the consistency of the buds. Not large, but very potent and tight. This is truly a wonderful find . . . "my caviar"”

  • “It creeps up on you , but it will hit you hard . All around great smoke! Taste is very earthy with spicy undertones. The high is uplifting, happy, and mood enhancing with a nicely balanced over all buzz, that will last for a while . If by any chance you need it for sleep too & smoke while your relaxed , I garuntee it will put you to sleep nice :) I highly recommend this strain”

  • “Gives you a nice social, Sativa buzz until the end of the high the indica hits you. Some of the best tasting stuff and smells pretty awesome.”