LSD Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “LSD, Strong, long lasting, 100% positive effects. Dry mouth just like most strains. If youre complaining you dont deserve it.”

  • “At first glance of the buds I noticed that LSD was one of the most crystally and sparkly bud I have ever seen! The buds were good sized, dense, very light green with nice orange hairs. The trichomes were nearly a full millimeter long with the trich heads easily visible with the naked eye! This strain has a unique smell unlike any other bud I have ever had, very citrusy and sour. Much like candy! Upon grinding you wil...”

  • “My first time trying "LSD". Wow. Great body buzz. Lovely lovely strain. Tastes delicious. smoked and ran errands and got locked out of my car and would usually be freaking out but I was calm. Got unlocked, THEN at 7/11 (which is thankfully by my house) my battery died. had a great night laughing at my luck while walking home whereas any other time I'd be panicking and crying.”

  • “I thought the initial high was really good and very uplifting. everything got much brighter the sounds became more vibrant. then I started munching hard”

  • “Heavy Hitter! This strain has yet to be tested for THC content, but I can tell just by the look of it, it has some decent frostiness. Theres orange hairs wrapping it self around the each puffed out dark green leafs. The calyx's don't lie, very tight nugs properly cured to a heavy but not to flaky consistency. Dank cola's in larger form. I am feeling heavily like trainwreck just not out of my skull when I look at my ...”

  • “Very Diesel tasting, it has a spacious head high before getting into the body. Head high effect *Burning Sensation* is immediate, body winds up while the head high wears off. Great for taking your good day into a higher one or a bad day into a good one. Great for those massively depressed like me. This is a happy strain! This cannabis for the best price and most clinically clean.”


  • “The LSD strain is a pleasure for all your senses , it starts the second you open the bag !!! The smell is such a treat for the nose. The flavour and taste was a fresh citrus it was like sucking on an orange / grapefruit . The buzz was strong and consistent a treat for all”