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Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain LSD.


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766 people reported 6445 effects
Euphoric 65%
Happy 62%
Uplifted 53%
Relaxed 52%
Creative 43%
Stress 40%
Depression 31%
Anxiety 30%
Pain 28%
Insomnia 14%
Dry mouth 33%
Dry eyes 19%
Dizzy 9%
Paranoid 6%
Anxious 6%


November 4, 2012
LSD, Strong, long lasting, 100% positive effects. Dry mouth just like most strains. If youre complaining you dont deserve it.
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December 25, 2011
Dry eyes
At first glance of the buds I noticed that LSD was one of the most crystally and sparkly bud I have ever seen! The buds were good sized, dense, very light green with nice orange hairs. The trichomes were nearly a full millimeter long with the trich heads easily visible with the naked eye! This strain has a unique smell unlike any other bud I have ever had, very citrusy and sour. Much like candy! Upon grinding you will instantly notice the sour smell 10x stronger. And because of the high THC content, it leaves a great amount of kief which makes it ideal for the hash connoisseur! The smoke tasted much like smoking hash under-the-glass, or a big bowl of kief. It has a powerful throat hit and if not taken lightly will leave you coughing up a lung. But after about 3 good inhales and 2 minutes later you will be in a different world. The high is very interesting, like the smell unlike anything I have ever had, it hits you as a strong cerebral sativa would but about 15 minutes later will have you looking for the nearest couch. Extremely potent strain. Do not pass this strain up the next time you see it at your dispensary! Thanks for reading.
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November 10, 2014
My first time trying "LSD". Wow. Great body buzz. Lovely lovely strain. Tastes delicious. smoked and ran errands and got locked out of my car and would usually be freaking out but I was calm. Got unlocked, THEN at 7/11 (which is thankfully by my house) my battery died. had a great night laughing at my luck while walking home whereas any other time I'd be panicking and crying.
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May 21, 2015
I literally lost my virginity on this strain
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June 15, 2015
I thought the initial high was really good and very uplifting. everything got much brighter the sounds became more vibrant. then I started munching hard
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November 20, 2014
Dry mouth
I am a heavy recreational smoker in the Denver area (+/- 1gm/day, 4-7 days/week, smoking with occasional vaping), and have been a smoker for quite a long time. It is rare to encounter a strain like this. First, the potency is phenomenal. Even with a high tolerance, it produced a lot of the classic anxiety symptoms (increased heart rate, mild paranoia, general anxiety) that many people experience from potent strains. It also produced mild visual and auditory distortion, in addition to a feeling of euphoric happiness. Again, these effects were in an experienced smoker. Second, it has a wonderful smell and smoke. The odor of the plant is rather sweet though difficult to fully describe, but the odor of the smoke and burnt material is strongly reminiscent of hashish or other concentrates. I can only imagine that in a less frequent or more inexperienced smoker, this would produce an overwhelmingly intense psychedelic effect for a couple of hours. For the experienced smoker, this promises a relatively intense effect with (in my experience) a longer-than-average duration. It is absolutely not the right choice for people who have or are prone to experiencing anxiety, or for people who do not prefer high potency or psychedelic components to their cannabis experience. For everyone else, if you can find it for a reasonable price at a reputable dispensary, I strongly recommend it.
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December 11, 2015
Heavy Hitter! This strain has yet to be tested for THC content, but I can tell just by the look of it, it has some decent frostiness. Theres orange hairs wrapping it self around the each puffed out dark green leafs. The calyx's don't lie, very tight nugs properly cured to a heavy but not to flaky consistency. Dank cola's in larger form. I am feeling heavily like trainwreck just not out of my skull when I look at my arms I can't help, and think are those really my arms? They must be writing all of this insanely detailed experiences. Dank orange tightly leafed nuggets, I tried some of their bluecheese earlier it didn't even phase me I'll have to trade it tomorrow for something else better. I love how this makes me motivated even though I am in a completely different headspace and rocking it out yeaaaa man! I feel happy, alert, creative, motivated, and most importantly very pleased uplifted in a very stony way! There is some forgetfulness if you get too medicated. I have found low or high doses it usually does the job for me. I love the piney lemon smell it has, very impressed with the effects! Will recommend for those who have a hard time getting going for whatever the reason might be, some pain numbing, only hardly though this is very mental almost no body well at least for me. The eye's are a good one recommend this for glaucoma patients, ADHD, Stress, Tinnitus, Depression, Fatigue, and most importantly, Anorexia. Watch out for first timers not recommended if you have, been smoking a while or a veteran this is one of the ideal strains to have on shelf.
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April 6, 2014
oh my god. where am i
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