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Marionberry Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great for people with Anxiety disorders. I felt super happy and uplifted immediately and had zero paranoia or anxiety issues. in fact I went for a nice October cruise with the music up and Windows down. great strain”

  • “This is my go-to strain for sleep. Relaxing effects are immediate; I feel very mellow & happy & buzzed. Then after about 5 min, the body high kicks in. My muscles relax and I'm ready for sleep. I get a good refreshing night of sleep and wake up restored and rested, which is an amazing result for me since I have fibromyalgia. Without weed, I used to have troubles falling to sleep, would wake up several times in...”

  • “100 star's if I could give em. Screw it, 100 star's!!!!!! It's that good. I live in Medford Or and it's very easy to find. Probably the best next to Fruity Pebbles that I have ever consumed. I am growing some now hydroponicly and I can't wait till October!!!!!”

  • “I'm a kush fan, but oh, my, my.. If your Marionberry Kush is grown and cured properly, as is the batch I got from farm called green hills. this high is amazing! I would call it the "Matthew Mconahigh" I feel alright, alright, alright. i read a lot of this strains reviews before writing mine. Not only do I agree with 85% of them. but I would like to add.. this senile euphoria will hulk smash your anxiety it's relaxi...”

  • “Marionberry seizes your attention with an inviting surprise of relaxation. Within minutes you're stuck wondering how this could be your favorite bud almost without contestation. The earthy berry notes give the olfactory joy you'd expect of such a hybrid, along with the acute sensation of flying - soaring clearly through each thought. The physiological effect is outstanding, making you feel weightless yet grounded, an...”

  • “Long term for me, more heady relaxed then body relaxed. Wasn't super knockout, but did make tired. Decent.”

  • “I really love this strain. It definitely helps me to relax and can help me to rest and sleep. It has helped me with anxiety also.”

  • “Just that first hit and I can feel my head clear up 😁”