Medusa Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This stuff hits you in under a minute. The smoke itself is very smooth although after you exhale, the coughing is almost inevitable. You’ll start feeling the pressure build behind your nose and the couch-lock comes shortly after. Dam, my arm feels like wooden blocks right now. Now, my legs…I’m like that old man pirate dude with the wooden everything in Family Guy. I’ve noticed my breathing has gotten extremely slow. ...”

  • “One of my favorite strains as of late. The smell is of a sweet, strong aroma and the taste mimics this description with its hard-hitting, sweet, milky smoke. The high is a euphoria engrained with deep thoughts and happy times. The high of the perfect length. I highly recommend it.”

  • “I recently vaped the last of my medusa flowers from my new herbalizer. thc was 19.6%. the taste was light, exceptionally smooth and minty/herbaceous and mildly earthy. the high was near instantaneous, energetic with pleasant throbbing concentration around my eyes and temple. this is a good choice for times when one wants a non-debilitating but stony high, which for me is often.”

  • “Has a light fruity sweet taste, very pretty buds. Gives ya a pretty instant high, not a creeper. Good balanced high, you can actually get shit done!”

  • “Love this bud! To me it taste a lil bit like chocolate but idk I could be tripping. Nice fluffy buds! Has a lotta purple in it most of the time, but sometimes it comes out more green. Still has the same great taste and smell though! If you're going to be coping this bud I'd say go to reef dispensary..”

  • “Third time I've smoked this, its definitely a sativa. It has a THC content of 17.3%. Overall, good daytime strain.”

  • “I was skeptical of this at first but after trying it my pain is reduced and my music is more fun to play. Tastes amazing I even had that diesel a few minutes after smoking”

  • “Very nice smoke. Beautiful nugs with lots of bright orange hairs. One of my favorite sativas.”