Monkey Paw Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smells super skunky and tastes skunky with citrusy after tones. Very happy smoke focused, and creative. Yields very Nicely finished at about 70 days. Long dark green finger like buds I love everything about this strain”

  • “5/5. Old Michigan Cut. Some of the classic, tight, sticky icky icky you can get around here. Pungent, fruity, spicy aroma, and Rocklike, sugar-coated buds of Lime and Pink. It is so much like a Kush cut but with NONE of the crashy, heaviness of the afghani roots. The best strain for paranoia and anxiety, a crippling duo that my friend says is crushed by the Monkey's paw.”

  • “Being from MI I remember getting the original cut back in my HIGH school daze. Used to come in once a year from outdoor grows in saline, i have always loved the earthy tones and as for appearance, it's the gnarliest looking bud you'll ever see. I was just reintroduced after 35 years a few weeks ago and and am writing this while laxing out to my final nugget....Heaven!!!”

  • “Wow, this strain gives you a perfect head high which isn't too overwhelming and with minimal body high. Makes you think a lot, usually ending up being talkative as well. Smells good too! Overall a wonderful strain!!”

  • “hmm felt pretty happy and had fun enjoying each thought I got some energy off it too, I like it was a fun high”

  • “one of my current favorites right now, definitely recommend if youre with fri”

  • “Just smoked this strain out here in good old So-Cal & just gotta say damn!....Super potent with a smooth finish. Definitely one of my top 10!”

  • “A nice, mellow - yet stimulating- sativa. I would say it tastes very herbal with light pine. I get an aftertaste of light grape and herbal diesel.”