Mr. Tusk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This awesome strain is being grown in the Pacific Northwest by North Coast Growers. It's available at Dockside in Seattle.”

  • “It must have TRUE BLOOD in it (this shit is Awesome)! I was able to carry great conversations and interact with others but it will trap you on the couch if you allow it to trap you! Stay active from the beginning. It made me more sexually aroused hence the true blood reference.”

  • “Lucky to get some of this from the dispensary in LA. Earthier hues in the bud, but tasted sweet and solid.”

  • “To me it tasted smooth and delicious, but more like zest than citrus.. Lots of bunny high! & Veeeery light. My trips are on PAX2. Though i never finish it, i like to refill faster than it kicks. Yay!”

  • “Amazing!!”

  • “Very uplifting and full of amazing flavor!!”

  • “This strain is very tasty & hits you hard. Strong body high. Mighty powerful in da couch lock. Great for watching Netflix.”