Mt. Hood Magic Reviews

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  • “Strain: Mt Hood Magic (Durban Poison / Northern Lights#5 cross -- Sativa leaning Hybrid) THC: 30% CBD: 0.4% Location found: Hi Cascade Date purchased: 4.29.16 Price: $18.00 / 2g’s Weight: 2.0g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: A zesty enterprise of pungent earth and faded out, near sour berries, seemingly only found around the Portland radius. It will be found all over soon. It may not my f...”

  • “If you could pick only one strain to vape for the rest of your life, this would be it. I don't take these sorts of claims lightly, either. This is an extraordinary strain, possibly conceived in another universe. It's euphoric highs and slightly fading streaks of color in your vision make this work of art a strain for the ultimate pleasure junkie.”

  • “A few minutes after smoking a half gram joint and I can't help but notice how incredibly stupid high I am. Around half hour ago I was ANGRY or UPSET or DEPRESSED or all of the above; a few puffs away and I am completely de-stressed. I'm willing to bet I got a sativa-dominant phenotype due to the spicy Durban Poison-esque taste and complete dissolving of stress/depression. Mt. Hood Magic is indeed mystical in the wa...”

  • “Strain: -Mt. Hood Magic Date Purchased: -11/26/16 Location: -Bend, OR Type: -Flower Amount: -1 gram Method of Consumption: -Vaporizer(Valcano) Review: The initial fragrance upon opening the bag sparked memories of childhood family trips. Stopping at local farms and picking blackberries while traveling between Bend & Portland. But as soon as I finished my first bowl, the euphoria flooded in with such intensity that an...”

  • “Love Mt. Hood Magic. Prefer the phenotype that leans towards Northern Lights #5, but both are great. The NL5 reminds me of a slightly more indica version of Memory Loss. Very high and spacey. Relaxation welcomes you, but a sativa edge gives you an alertness that doesn't leave you couch-locked. Good for day or night.”

  • “First and foremost, this is an excellent strain for daytime activities outdoors, as are most from the Durban Poison lineage. I have recently enjoyed it during casual river trips, the middle of grueling hikes, and days at the lake. It has just enough body high to notice it, but not so much to lock you up. Beyond that, it's an excellent high that feels like the middle of your frontal lobe is tied to a balloon that c...”

  • “Absolutely smooth. Good flavor as well as high. helped with husbands back pain as well as carpeltunnel.”

  • “MHM will fuck you up. It's one of my go-to strains when I have guests in town... it's an impressive example of the wonders of legalized weed. I live near Five Zero Trees and I admit I'm partial to their proprietary strains... love Salmon River and I swear by Oregon Lemons for mornings and weekend road trips. MHM was the first of their strains that I tried... on opening day, no less. I prefer my weed a little less ...”