Nebula II CBD Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Calming, Honey, sweet smoke - the anti-anxiety effect of the high CBD is very noticeable. Also good for asthma and joint pain, muscle spasm/cramps due to its anti-inflammatory action. Clears my head pretty quick, a nice daytime use for pain, stress and spasms!”

  • “One of the best strains I've come across for my physical an neurological issues...One of my all time top 10 in the past 30 years A++”

  • “Very good as a CDB medical strain. Will not give you too much psychoactive effects but has a reasonable amount of CBD. Depending on symptoms, you may need to consume a bit more but overall a positive strain.”

  • “I love this strain better in a vape pen then smoking it straight. I feel its best for mixing with mild to high thc hybrid strains for people whom have chronic pain and autoimmune diseases.”

  • “My favourite strain for light daytime usage. THC is around 6% and CBD is at 8% for my batch. Highly recommend it for energy without getting too medicated in my opinion.”

  • “I bought 5 grams of this strain and to be honest im kinda dissappointed. I have tried the original . nebula before and i really like it. It made me focused, goal and task oriented; however this strain is really weak, not much of a high. I guessing there is someone out there ha will really enjoy the strain... just not me.”

  • “Really mellow high! Was smiling and laughing the whole time and instantly put in a great mood. I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder and have to be cautious as some strains increase or intensify my anxiety- but this strain was amazing at keeping me chill and thinking positive. Only downside is that you end up with a minor headache but I just slept it off. Would highly recommend to everyone but as well to first ti...”

  • “This was my first high CBD strain - and I wasn't disappointed. I toke with a friend on a beautiful sunny day around noon. I somehow exprience difficulties concentratingon monday mornings, and I counted on it to help me get through my art history class. Right after I ashed the joint, it began with a mellow cerebral indica buzz, but around 10 minutes after I started feeling the sativa effects as well. I was uplifted an...”