Oteil’s Egyptian Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Picked this up from GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique earlier this week, and immediately fell in love. The bud itself was beautiful and dense, full of frosty trichomes and pretty orange calyxes. The flavor off the first pull was really sweet, and on exhale I tasted a pleasant little burst of diesel. I smoked a few bowls, picked up my guitar and found myself on the couch still practicing scales two hours later. The wind-d...”

  • “On point. This flower is one for the books. Rich smoke, mellow flavor and nice soft high. Worth the trip down Colfax.”

  • “Finally! Kush for pain WITHOUT mad ass munchies.”

  • “Blasts right through my depression .. nice balance, really nice! Also good for getting through anxiety. Picked it up at Groundswell in Denver. Good stuff!”

  • “This is an excellent strain for pain and I NEVER get the munchies. It is my all time favorite kush. The taste NEVER gets old.”

  • “Another fantastic Hybrid. Strong enough to ease muscle pain, and relax, but not so strong that I am unmotivated to get things done. It also increases appetite, which isn't great in my case, but can be beneficial to cancer patients, and the elderly.”

  • “This strain is a cross of F1 Og Kush x Cherry Alien. Pheno 1 has gassy perfume smell. Expansion at its finest. Testing at 22-24%.”

  • “Amazing strain. Friend told me about it and I fell in love. Gives me a nice goofy feeling in the head but I don't feel taken over. My body gets weighed down but not to the point where I can't do anything. Takes all of my back pain away and keeps the fun there too!”