Peppermint Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Had a brother visit from NYC, took him on the 502-store tour. Dear brother has a nice income, so dropping $100 every other day on top shelf grams is a no-brainer for him. And he likes to share. SO: Peppermint Cookies! Oh, peppermint! oh, cookies! Oh, I think I forgot to park the cat. One hit (he likes to share, but also frugal) and I was dancing. Singing, off-key. Telling any cat my secrets. This was Gold Leaf Garden...”

  • “Great, great, great.... At first sniff, it smells like a petting zoo with a bit of mint. I was scared to even try it to be honest, it was way pungent and skunky. However!!!! Tastes amaaazing - I got Birthday Cake Juicy Jay papers specifically for this strain. It's like chocolate chip mint cookies when you smoke out of a roll, have yet to try it vaped, but I'm excited. There's absolutely no ashy/burnt taste to it ...”

  • “Absolutely the best phenotype of GSC out on the market right now. I've never really been a big fan of the cookie strains but peppermint cookies packs a punch that will knockout a rookie and sedate a veteran consumer for a while. I didn't find much of a mint scent or taste but it had that strong pine/woody smell that comes with cookies. It is a must try if you can get your hands on it!”

  • “I'm really excited to give this strain a review because I can say in confidence that there is no mistaking the "awesomeness" of the Peppermint Cookies. From smelling its' aroma from opening the jar to that "cookie doughesque," OG-fuel flavor on the exhale, you know you got that "fai-yah" with the Peppermint! I'll say this: If you had company from out-of-state, and you wanted to give them a stellar representation ...”

  • “OMG I never write reviews. This bud is incredible. The best I've had in a long time. It was a little pricey, but actually worth it. Really beautiful. The high is extreme, very cerebral (trippy) at first, slowly blends into mind/body..really pleasant. Lasts a looooong time too. I vaped a small amount and was blasted for 3-4 hours. AMAZING SHIT. My current fave. This was my first visit to Origins, and I think I've foun...”

  • “Easy on the lungs when using a flower vape, the high creeps steadily but not too slow. Been vaping this stuff for about 3 weeks and like always, took me a bit to get used to the new strain. First couple uses: got a little confused about when to talk to the bartender, spilled some food, talked too loudly without realizing it. Relaxes the face and makes you stop thinking about nausea. I can get into a cleaning mode on...”

  • “This strain is easily the best strain I have ever smoked, the high consists of trips. Good and bad, have greened out twice on them which is a slight negative however once was with homemade brownies. Overall love this weed and requires so little to get one high.”

  • “Goldleaf is by far my favorite company! This peppermint cookies has been a staple for me for 2 years now! No other company has flowers that always make me this happy! I swear you can taste the Aloha in every jar! They love what they do and it shows! They definitely make great medicine!”