Purple Headband Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • hi2

    “Really liked it. Tried it in the morning and experienced a relaxed energy....and everything seemed funny! My kind of weed.”

  • “This gave me a very euphoric high, I was mellowed, but still in the mood to be active and do things. It was also straight purple so it was aesthetically pleasing. Very satisfied.”

  • “Honestly it's pretty nice if you like relaxing highs, works great if you have trouble sleeping.”

  • “Not bad at all. Nice chill buzz. It's good for a night time high.”

  • “Phenomenal balanced hybrid - I've smoked from same grower in Mendo both years now, both indoor and out. One of my favorite strains. I'm not big into floral aesthetics, but this is a gorgeous specimen with a broad display of many colors. Cerebral sativa, somewhat psychedelic, with mind body buzz.”

  • “A strong positive headband feeling in the frontal lobes. One of my favorites for a traditional cannabis fun, happy high. Uplifting, but grounded feeling. Love the smell too.”

  • “It's a really well balanced strain. I like my weed to put me in a couch lock before bed and this definitely does. But you can also smoke it in the day and be perfectly fine. I was even able to work out on it, so it's a keeper for me. No anxiety either, just a relaxing head and body high.”

  • “This strain is more energizing on the physical side. Mentally, it is a relaxing and carefree type of high. Potency is medium, although overdoing the strain will give a slight nervous edge (not too bad though). Anyone who does well with Sour Diesel will like this strain. The headband was there when I first starting smoke this a year or so ago, now I don't even feel it. Overall, a good strain. I have bought a few times...”